Welcome to our Products Campaign website.

The Horizon Products Campaign is the third in the series, developed in collaboration with the University of Nottingham’s Smart Products Beacon, and fusing Horizon’s personal data agenda with the design manufacture and use of products. We have developed three projects to communicate clear everyday stories and to provoke deeper thinking and discussion about the future of smart products.

Food Design for Future Dining (FD)2


Industrial Co-bots Understanding Behaviour (I-CUBE)


Human Robot Collaboration for Allergen-Aware Factory Cleaning

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Welcome to our Products Campaign website.


Horizons Product Campaign supports growth of new research to enable a fundamental transformation of the nature of products and how they are made, enabling industry to make smarter products in smarter ways.   

Targeting business sectors that traditionally revolve around different kinds of physical products, key sectors will include the world of FastMoving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – the packaged commodities including food, that pass through our lives in great volumes, and their relations to digital appliances as well as the emerging area of global food security.



For future updates please follow the Smart Products Beacon website – June 2020

Our Products Campaign targeted business sectors that traditionally revolve around different kinds of physical products and explored how these could be transformed through emerging Internet of Things technologies, coupled to human data. We were able to take this forward jointly with the University of Nottingham Smart Products Beacon which has continued the work started in …

Cleaning a factory with robots – RoboClean

In food and drink manufacturing, a significant amount of employee time is dedicated to cleaning, which bears a major impact on employee productivity and manufacturing efficiency. The process of cleaning factory equipment typically unfolds as part of a process known as Clean-in-Place and is beginning to take advantage of novel technologies such as in-line sensors, …


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